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Life Changing Process

Weight Loss


Generally there are three methods that people use to lose weight.

1. Restricted diet or controlled food intake.
2. Exercise, lots and lots of exercise!
3. A combination of both of the above.

It is estimated at any given time more than 90% of women are on a diet or eating programme to lose weight.
Yet the success rate is very small or very slow.
Why is this? The reason is that the mind set in the first place is not properly aligned with your goal.  If you see yourself as a twelve stone person then the brain conditions the systems to be twelve stone.  If, however, you convinced the brain (your computer) that you are now ten stone then it begins to adjust the body to condition it to be ten stone. The mind, and the brain first, then the body follows. This is where hypnosis comes in.  In deep comfortable relaxation (to trance state) we re-train the brain to see ourselves in the image that we want.  The brain readjusts and steadily your system begins to believe and accept this new desired self image. Hypnosis has been shown to be hugely effective in body image and shape control.  We have helped hundreds of people reach their desired shape and health in a very short period.


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